Strategic Framework 2021-2030 One Ocean - Seven Continents - Seven Topics - One Decade


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Boldly Explore our Unknown Ocean

to excite interest and inform the wise stewardship of our planet.


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Catalyze the discoveries needed to understand our ocean, sustain life, and ensure the health of our planet through the pursuit of impactful scientific research and intelligent observation, technological advancement, open sharing of information, and public engagement at the highest levels of international excellence.


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By 2030, the Schmidt Ocean Institute will be known globally as having uniquely and unequivocally contributed to humanity’s knowledge of the ocean through marine science and exploration, and positively impacted human health, prosperity, and welfare as a consequence.

Research vessel Falkor This octopus (Muusoctopus sp) was observed at nearly 1200 meters depth, during an exploration of the Ribbon Reef Canyons, around 170 km northeast of Cairns, Australia.